The use of the trampoline park's equipment, despite all safety measures taken, involves a risk of accident due to the characteristics of trampolines, therefore everyone is obliged to comply with the following safety regulations and to ensure that the persons under their supervision comply with them. The equipment in the trampoline park complies with the relevant safety regulations, but everyone uses the equipment at their own risk, for which they must accept an individual declaration of responsibility.

1. The trampoline park’s facilities aren’t allowed to use by:

A child under the age of 4.

  1. Children between the ages of 4 and 6 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to enter the trampoline area.
  2. whose weight exceeds 110 kg
  3. who has a health impairment (chronic neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, sensory, impairment, disease) that does not allow it
  4. who is pregnant
  5. who has an acute sports or other injury
  6. who has previously consumed alcohol or any alcoholic preparation
  7. who is under the influence of drugs
  8. who is taking medication and the medication may affect the safe use of the equipment (blood pressure fluctuations, loss of balance, dizziness, fainting, etc.)

2. Before using our equipment and entering the trampoline area...

  1. dress in sporty clothes
  2. if your hair is long, tie it up (no hanging headscarves or hats)
  3. take off your jewellery, watch, ring, bracelet, etc., remove or tape your piercing
  4. if you can, take off your glasses
  5. your pockets should be empty
  6. check that there are no sharp or protruding parts on your clothing
  8. warm up your muscles, participate in a joint warm-up before admission

3. Rules for the use of trampoline park equipment:

  1. safety rules are posted on all our equipment, read and understand them, and explain them to the minor in your care, even during class if necessary
  2. always respect the restrictions on use, if you are under the age or height limit to use a particular device or cannot use it because of your body weight, do not risk your safety!
    do not jump from one track to another!
  3. double-triple somersault backwards and forwards, or series of somersaults is prohibited!
  4. it is forbidden to eat, drink, chew or hold any object in the mouth on the equipment!
  5. no shoes or bare feet on the equipment!
  6. Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian!
  7. running on trampolines, pedestrian areas and trampoline nets is prohibited!
  8. only one person can jump on each trampoline net at a time!
  9. make sure you always jump in the middle, don’t jump on the edge of the tra
  10. mpoline, as this can lead to loss of balance and leg injuries!
  11. jumping on high-performance trampolines requires better skills than on normal trampolines, jumping higher on these trampolines, therefore jumping and landing on these trampolines requires more attention and understanding of the safety rules. It is of utmost importance that all persons respect the age limits and land on the trampoline with both feet firmly after each jump to prevent accidents!
  12. do not sit or lie on trampoline nets or airbags!
  13. On trampolines, always jump with even feet and land on two feet after the jump.
  14. When jumping into an airbag (from a tower or a trampoline), always land on your back or on your buttocks, and never land with both feet in the airbag, as this could result in a crushing accident!
    Jumping into the airbag from the edge of the pool is forbidden and can cause a ball accident!”
  15. Always wait for the arrival zone to be clear before jumping into the airbag, never jump on others!
  16. Jumping into the airbag is only allowed forward, jumping crosswise is strictly forbidden and dangerous! You must leave the airbag after arrival in the direction indicated (EXIT), it is forbidden to rest in the airbag!
  17. jumping on or over the edge of the airbag pool is forbidden and dangerous!
  18. no ejections (while one person is sitting on the trampoline, the other jumps in and “shoots”) on the equipment!
  19. climbing, clinging, hanging or hanging on structural elements, side nets, poles, as well as the upper sponge locking and safety nets of the trampoline(s), which are not considered as obstacles, is prohibited and dangerous!
  20. it is strictly forbidden and dangerous to touch or touch the supporting structure elements, pipes, other building equipment, lighting fixtures above the tram platform.

4. Ninja Warrior course safety regulations:

  1. only guests over 12 years of age and at least 150 cm tall are allowed to use the pitch, it is forbidden to bring any kind of equipment onto the pitch and it is dangerous!
  2. you must read the posted game rules before use!
  3. we use a timing system on the course to allow our guests to test their skills against each other, but it is important to stress that you should only take part in such a “race” if you are confident and familiar with the obstacles and can complete them safely!
  4. as the obstacle course is a double-decked course, it is not available to our guests with knee problems!
  5. complete only those obstacles that your abilities allow, avoid obstacles beyond your abilities by walking past them.
  6. the arrows indicate the direction of travel, do not drive on the tracks against the direction of traffic, as this can be dangerous.
  7. our guests acknowledge that the use of the track may cause serious strain on the arms, hands and upper body!
  8. only one person may be on a track at a time!
  9. the use of special socks is also mandatory on the ninja warrior course!
  10. climbing on the supporting structures on the track is strictly forbidden!
  11. pushing from the lower level to the upper level, pulling the safety net is not allowed!
  12. on the rope course section, it is forbidden to put your hands and fingers in front of the pulley, and it is dangerous to touch the rope.
  13. do not bang or damage the buttons of the timing system!
  14. the zips on the side protection nets should only be used in case of emergency or rescue!
  15. bullying others, uncivilized, obscene behaviour is prohibited!
  16. only one person at a time is allowed on the rope bed leading to the upper level, if there are people on the rope bed, wait until the track is clear!

5. Climbing wall safety requirements:

  1. climbing wall (boulder wall) with interactive game elements, maximum 2 persons on the wall at the same time, maximum weight 100 kg/person!
  2. the climbing wall includes games for one or two players, always ask our animators about the range of games, they will be happy to help you with any configuration
  3. crossing the climbing wall, climbing under the other climber or staying under the climber on the protective sponge is dangerous!
  4. climbing on the bracket of the interactive projector, touching the projector or the cabling is prohibited!
  5. only the participants in the game are allowed on the playing field
  6. it is strictly forbidden to sit, kneel or stand on the edge of the playing field!
  7. the operator’s instructions must always be followed!

6. Safety rules for Inetractive games

  1. before using the interactive game elements, it is obligatory to know the rules of the game, our animators will help you with any questions!
  2. in the case of interactive games requiring the use of an aid (e.g. a ball), the aid may only be used for the game in question and may not be transferred to other play areas.
  3. do not cause injury to other guests during use!
  4. the improper use of interactive devices, banging on them may lead to their damage, in which case the person who caused the damage assumes the financial responsibility for restoring them to their intended condition!
  5. exceeding the maximum number of users in the interactive games area is forbidden and dangerous!

7. For the enjoyment and protection of physical safety, the following must be observed:

  1. taking rests – regular rests do not exhaust the body and improve concentration and stamina, so taking rests is strongly recommended for all users
  2. jumping beyond your abilities is an increased risk of accident, so it is important that each guest only performs moves that are appropriate to their abilities, do not overdo it!
  3. jumping headfirst is strictly forbidden and dangerous!


In the event of injury, sickness, other health complaints or their detection, the affected/visiting guest should immediately inform the staff member supervising the site.

Everyone uses the tools at his or her own risk, for which he or she is obliged to accept an individual liability declaration.

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